This is where you need to meet me in person but I will at the end of it manage to slip through your fingers with detestable ease. Not everyone needs to be known anyway. Some people just enjoy the quiet corners where they can be left alone. I am not one, well not just now but I am in transition between such things. That’s why I will fail miserably in attempting to describe myself. I take each day with grace, figuring out my next step, my next pause, my next fall, then my ultimate rise.


Chances are I might wake up a Pope fifty years from now or better still, a swindler in the streets of Vegas, he he. What I am trying to say my dear fellows is I am completely clueless of the phrase ‘finding oneself’ I have found myself in places i thought was the ultimate comfort zone, a home,only to discover later that there is something else I am better at. Without sounding showy, I am good at numerous things; I am a poet, a Writer- tender with words, ingenious at organizing rebellion, I can pull it off as an MC in your event, I buy myself out of tricky situations, I can analyse politics, religion and relationships. Oh damn, am just getting started! I will hence refuse to define my abilities. That is a journey I am keen on pursuing and curious to know how it ends.


Meanwhile I maneuver through the everlasting present, and I want to write.


Man cannot live on bread alone, wrong; I can live off a good piece of prose till kingdom come. Words when deftly woven makes the world sing Christmas carols on a July night. Words are good. Words are beautiful. Of course there is a flip side of everything, words or not. Words conjure up images and it’s here that I try to build my world about. Every writer does. That should tell well that I am a fantasist, even delusional. That’s not a good thing though. But that’s the lemon God threw my way and I am not keen on throwing it back.


I want to exercise my writing on this space because I can screw up a lot of things elsewhere. So allow me to Share the mental images with you and make the outside world a better place. You won’t resist picking a good thing here or bad habit there.

Ladies and gentlemen, my government name is Eric Ndungu. I have had nicknames, most of them pleasantly dumb; like this recent one- Ndush. I don’t mind the name, what I mind are those friends who decide to eliminate the ‘N’ .My guy that totally changes the fun in that name! Ndush is an ‘N’ word my nigga! Most of these sinners will again engage me in my father’s tongue but I will stare back at them like a goat would watch soccer. I speak only two languages, and both are taught in school. That reminds me to cough this out this early; My father is Kikuyu and my mother very Luhya. That should explain why I have a fat nose, thick lips and extremely light fingers for pinching things. There you go genius.


I am a student of life and I like to think I am old school. I believe I was born in the wrong era because I instinctively feel so. I would have made a hunter (not a gatherer) of immense strategy back then. I am however adapting.


I studied a Calling in campus that I am yet to see the fruits. The hospital is too dramatic for me. I am currently into Monitoring and Evaluation in Research projects. You probably have no Idea of what job category that is and you are right. I see we are striking common grounds already. When I get into something solid I will let you know pronto. I have a feeling you and I are soon getting hinged on the hips.


And that above my dear fellows is the Wikipedia about me. Do you feel gutted? Thank you, don’t mention it.

So how about you pop in more often we shoot breeze on this hammock of ours?

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