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Players Get Played; By Emmanuel Njoroge

I strode back to my hotel room before the early sun rays revealed my blood stained T-shirt. The previous night was the illest for me since I joined Dynamics. I was uninformed of my teammates whereabouts. We had scattered after a lethal firing session with the police. The tires of the Mercedes we used were repeatedly punctured by bullets. I had manage to evade the police and was even not aware of my mates fate. The police were in hot pursuit and anything might have happened.

I tottered into my room, scouring my vision if their was any suspicious individual around watching. I shut the door behind me and leaned heavily on it with my back. Stared on the white ceiling trying to recapture events that happened few hours ago. My mind find it difficult to contemplate.

I tore off the green v-shaped T-shirt from my toned body and let it fall off from my hands landing down on the carpeted floor. I then headed to the beautifully adorned king size bed with a dandelion duvet and two brown pillows. My weary body rested on the huge bed hugging tightly the pillows in search for a comfort. I was worn out and within few seconds I slumped into a heavy sleep.

My broad rest was cut short!

“Get up young man! Hands up!” Beside the huge bed were two men in uniform; navy blue trousers, long black coats and shiny black boots. I felt the cold gun barrel. It was laid on my fore head. My throat went dry, whole of me tensed. Beads of sweat trickled down my cheeks to the lower end of my chiseled jaws. My heart somersaulted rapidly. I knew this one was a no escape. Luckily my weapons had fell in a swimming pool the previous night as I fled for safety.

I crawled out of the bed, hands half raised. The dark policeman who was about six feet tall, with massive shoulders moved closer to me. Seized me up, his brows creased. He searched in my jeans pockets as the other one aimed at my back with his semi auto pistol. After done with a thorough search, he seemed satisfied that I was in no possession of any arm.

Fortunately, the blood stained T-shirt was invisible. It was pushed behind the door when they had shoved it open.

“Let me see your ID card!” The officer with a gun behind me asked. He was a short guy, sturdy and with a slight belly. I turned about to get the identity card as he followed behind aiming the gun at me . I could feel there eyes behind me, following my edgy moves. I got my briefcase lying on a small ornate table and entered my security code to open.

“Very sloooowly, let me see your hands.”

Quickly, I pulled out the card and handed it to the tall officer. Thanks to my crafty hands, they had interfered with their inquisitive stares in the briefcase. The case had also 3kg of krokodil concealed in a false bottom  stolen in Russia by Max! You are soon going to meet this son of a gun.

The officer gave a long doubtful stare on the card and glanced at his fellow. He shook his head in disagreement.

“Huh not the person! Let’s leave!” He said throwing the card back to me. They swaggered out of the room disappointed.

Hurriedly, I reached out for the door and bolted it. My level of fear had really shot up. I didn’t understand who the officers were looking for if not me. I had committed a crime the previous night and even in the past months. Why didn’t they arrest me?

Let me do you a little intro.

I work for ‘Dynamics’ A gang of five individuals; I Frank, Max, Bob, Sandra and Annie. I am specific to taking cover. With my revolver and semi auto pistol, I can silence any opponent within a flash.

Max! A ninja in the making, averaged height and build. Stealth he is, and believably has a hint of ninjustu. He jumps over the fences and gets to roofs. He swiftly sneaks in through tiny windows to unbolt the doors.

Dirty Sandra! She’s the distractor and allurer. Her minis goes by mid of her mid thigh and peekaboo top designed for cleavage exhibition. Got lithe legs, mostly raised in high heels. Her curvy figure in the attire! To add the beauty!  A proper charm for the guards and the male residences.

Anni. Gorgeous and genius. She’s the password hacker wizard. I call her a techno geek recruited from Israel. By the way she has a masters in information technology from North Florida university. Having her mystic gadgets and the brains, why not for the safe to surrender open?

Bob the car racer! well-build and skillful at driving fast and furious. The black bombproof Mercedes turned to a jet plane under Bob’s control when through with a mission. He also helped to beat the shit out of the nosy bouncers by applying his spring drop kicks.

Actually, I jeopardized myself getting in to this gang because within a month I was affluent. I could have my breakfast in Mexico, dinner in Toronto, supper in Manchester and clubbing in Luxembourg.

Shockingly, we are unaware of our master who commands and funds us vastly. Conversation are through phone calls, which it’s a lady that talks to us. She regularly utters on the calls, “The master has said…..” We even once  tried to inquire about the boss but all was just effortless. Meetings are always through a proxy. We got cautioned of likely landing to regrets if we’d carry on with the inquiries. The lady had the American ascent. If not keen you’d fail to apprehend what she pronounced. Her utterances were very rapid.

Commands we regularly received were to sneak to specified residence and steal some files. We were also permitted to scathe in case of retaliation. So far, we had done away with four residences. We deal with major players with shady dealings who have amassed fortunes. I suspect we are in blackmail business.

Before any brilliant theft, the lady always gave us vivid description of the designated place and the required file. We were also warned never to open any file if we wished to breathe the next minute.

Back to my room, I had to freshen up. So I headed to the bathroom and let cold water from the shower gush on my body. I felt a bit relaxed as I lathered up my whole body with surds. Dried myself with the fluffy white towel and walked to the closet. A checkered shirt, blue faded jeans and desert boots revived my boldness.

The hotel room was spacious. A wide assortment of fine antique furniture completed, but at no time cluttered, the expansive space. Cream colored-walls held elaborately framed original works of art. Seated in a love seat, I folded my shirt sleeves and got the remote lying on a coffee table.

Usually I watch stuff meant for adrenaline junkies but today I’d the urge to channel CNN. Maybe from their I could trace my mates fate. I had even lost my unique contacting devices.

All of a sudden, the news anchor caught my attention. “Four members of the Dynamics gang were shot dead on Tuesday midnight. It was just after they tried to fire back at the police officers at Sergeant Robert’s apartment……”

Wtf! The sad news had hit home.

My deep thoughts were interrupted by a light knock on the door. I switched off the television and staggered to the door. Tried to peep out through the key hole but my eyes caught nothing. Cautiously, I opened it half and in front of me stood a desirable lady in her service uniform. Had a white shirt, incomplete buttoned revealing her cleavage. Her black miniskirt with an extended helming exposing deep into her thighs. Sexy legs raised in high heels. She seemed good to neutralize my current status huh!

She moved closer. Raised her right leg on the door staircase, that if my hands stretched probably would rub on her knee. Was very tempting for my eyes to give a peek in there. She seductively whispered. “Hey lad! you have a visitor over there.” She spun pointing at the smoking room. I did not even focus where she was pointing, the round hips stole my eyes attention. She glanced back at me and ambled away smiling.

I walked nervously to the smoking room.  I rarely expected any visitor. Even my gang couldn’t come over here where I was. We always met at the old mines or in a pub for draftings. We lived in diverse hotels not to raise any suspicion. I strode passed the hall way to where my uncertain visitor was.

A huge man with big belly was seated on a cushioned chair next to a table with an ashtray. He was in a black suit. His head covered by a brown hat. A half lit cigarette lied between his fingers. Cancerous fumes spouted out of his crooked nose. When his eyes spotted me, he gestured for me to get where he was seated. I could notice how his devilish eyes scanned my body as I walked to where he was.

There was no any other person at the smoking hall, except the big man. “Frank have a seat! He raised his voice, his left-hand forefinger pointing to a chair standing opposite him. How did he even know my name? “I’m sorry Mr, I don’t know you! And I am up to attend to some other issues.” I argued, still standing.

“Shut up young man! You have no issues to attend to than mine! Which are even over.” He loud his voice, angrily pointing his index finger at me. My mind jerked and realized that the person seated in front of me was the master we worked for.

“The police made easier my work by destroying your fellow evidences. I do away with any of my servants after through with my assignment.”  Actually I saw the real devil. His face turned inhumane forming wrinkles with blood vessels appearing all over. His neck muscles stiffened as he clenched his teeth. His dry eyes gazing at me as if I was a tiny worthless creature.

“OK you bastard do away with me if you can!” My rebellious character was choking me and I had to say out. I was not going to plead, after all my company was no more. Why mind?

His right hand went lower under the table and swiftly rose up with a gun pointed to me. It had a silencer attached on it. My whole body froze and waited for my downfall. Inwardly, I repented to the High Most. I was a sinner.

He counted in a descending order. The fore finger flexing dilatory on the trigger.

“Five! Four! Three! Two!……”

I saw her! She seemed to have been concerned about me after informing me of the visitor. Phew!….. She stood boldly, eyes fixed at the devil in suit, laying unconscious on the floor. Her right hand still had a tight grip on the neck of the glass bottle. She then quickly raised her head and laid her enticing eyes on me.

“Frank you owe me……” She suggested smiling, then winked and walked away.

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